All–Inclusive Ski Resort

The lifts shut down a little early at one of our local ski hills over here in Utah. Rather than walk away with our tails between our legs and give up, we decided to hop on our Rocky Mountain Blizzards and pedal our way up singletrack and service roads until we hit the snow line. 

From there we left the bikes and skinned another 1200' where we were able to spin multiple, all inclusive laps on perfect early summer snow. 

Bear sightings, bottled Coca-Cola, crop circles and Pop-Tarts. All Inclusive Ski Resorts are the best. 

When Life Gives You Lemons....

When life gives you lemons.... go skiing.

Warm temps and blue skylines. It's not every day the mountains allow a skier to explore their alpine. Here's two months worth of cell phone shots from Patrick Shehan in the Tetons, Sawtooths and Absarokas.

The mountains are out there.... go make lemonade. 


Idaho Road Trip

Frustrated with the less than subpar conditions in the Wasatch Range, Mike Schneider and photographer Adam Clark lit out on a road trip to Idaho in search of fresh snow. 

The timing was perfect as a storm cycle was passing through the Sun Valley area and we were able to connect with Banks Gilberti for a couple days of ski touring around Galena Pass just outside of town. 

First afternoon in town, we caught a face melting sunset and skied blower powder back down to the car just as it got dark. Instantly, the shit snowpack back home was forgotten as we knew we were in for another full day of this in the morning.

The following two days were spent exploring different zones, telling stories, laughing and eating leftover frozen pizza from the night before. Spirits were high no doubt. Its the simple trips like this that remind us why spending time in the mountains with friends is such a key component of why we started Surface in the first place. 

Can't wait for the next road trip! 


We spent the last few days in Idaho shooting the 2016 product with photographer, Adam Clark, Surface Pro, Banks Gilberti and Surface Founder, Mike Schneider. The snow was falling and stoke levels rising. It was nice to finally ski some powder with good friends. Here's a few crappy iPhone pics we snapped along the way. You will have to stay tuned for the 2016 catalog to see the good imagery from AC!